Saturday, October 4, 2014

AEROLINE Review: The Convenient Way To Fly

I choose AEROLINE to travel from Sunway Pyramid to Penang on 4 October 2014. The ticket price is RM60. Is the RM60 value for your money?

Aeroline departs from city centre/tourist location. I departs from Aeroline hub at Sunway Lagoon.

The waiting area is very comfort with air-condition and free Wifi

You will be greet by a friendly Cabin Crew and well built seat

The bus departs at 8.05am. Upon moving, there is a soft greeting & annoucement through speaker inform the passenger about the destination, expected arrival time, introduce herself and the bus captain. The annoucement is familiar with flight concept. Very nice and make your day. Here is the Cabin Crew in charge:

Every seat has been equipped with LCD screen for on board entertainment and power socket

The cabin crew will serve meal (Nasi Lemak Ayam this morning) and hot drink (milo, coffee or tea.

At the lower deck, there is a discussion corner that well equipped with 8 single sofa and a wood table. Nicely design for passengers usage. There is also an on board toilet just for light usage. If you need heavy usage, you may inform the Cabin Crew to stop the bus to the nearest R&R.

In conclusion, you pay RM60 (extra RM20 compare to ordinary express bus), the fare included:

1. Friendly Cabin Crew like Stewardess
2. Comfort waiting area with air-condition and free wifi
3. Meals and hot drink
4. On board toilet
5. Comfort seat equipped with LCD entertaiment and power socket
6. Punctual ride with no inter-state bus station stop
7. Business feel ride

The bus reached Penang at 1.00pm, taking 5hours as heavy traffic on Hari Raya Haji Eve..

I give 5stars for the ride and fully recommend Aeroline as your travel option. You may gain information and book ticket online at

Aeroline only offer return journey:
1. KL-Penang
2. KL-JB
3. KL-Singapore

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